Fed up?
Searching for a new rental property is trying, frustrating and slow
It starts with poring over websites and online ads, chatting with locals and dozens of estate agents, answering the same questions over and over again, and drawing up a first list of shortlisted properties. Then there are the countless (often needless) hours viewing properties shown by ill-prepared or misinformed estate agents. If you see one you happen to like, you then have to quickly share your observations with family or fellow flat sharers so they can decide whether they should visit. Oh, and then there’s the negotiating and paperwork to secure…
Spending too long?
Searching and finalising a property could take over your life for weeks!
As a tenant, looking for a new property virtually means putting your life on hold for 1-2 months, re-juggling work, family and other priorities to finalise. For cofounders Mayank and Valerie, it took over 75 hours, discussions with 13-14 agents, and over 40 viewings! This is before even organising the moving day and dealing with the packers & movers, local authorities, service providers and everything else needed to make things go without a hitch.
There is a better
The Urban Collective - formed from experience
Our vision is to provide the most transparent and efficient end-to-end solution for rental search that puts tenants first. We support you in finding properties in neighbourhoods that fit your lifestyle, quickly and without any hassle. Using technology, we create efficient workflows for tenants and pair it with experienced professionals who deliver a seamless searching experience tailored to your needs, so you can get on with the rest of your life.

With experience gained in finance, technology, consulting and property, we all share three things in common, we've all been tenants, we know we can change the rental experience for the better and we're committed to putting your rental needs first.


"The Urban Collective led a study in the UK that gives some perspectives on how broken the UK property market really is and its impact on renters"

"The aim of UrbanCo is to streamline the search process, matching tenants with their dream homes without their having to sift through endless properties"

"TheVerge: the revolutionary new app (...) ending apartment-hunting anxiety"

"...The Urban Collective is on a mission to revolutionise the rental market and finally put tenants’ needs first"

"The Urban Collective (...) trying to prioritise tenants for the first time and revolutionise the rental experience, bringing it into the 21st century."

"The UrbanCo app also allows collaborative chat and commenting, with link, image and video sharing to organise thoughts and feedback in one place…"

"The aim of UrbanCo is to streamline the search process, matching tenants with their dream homes without their having to sift through endless properties"

"...the pioneering ‘Sherpa’ service refines a tenant’s property search to be individually lifestyle focused, customising each search to all personal requirements"

"A married couple, developed the service after becoming personally fed up with the rental market and how they believed it to be geared to agents and landlords, not tenants"

"Today, owning a home is a long-term goal and in 15 years’ time it might just be an impossible dream. If we’re going to become a nation of forever renters, then clearly the experience has to improve."

"Fintech News: New business models and technology have all the potential to turn over the existing industry order."

"According to research from the Urban Collective, seven in ten tenants say the prospect of renting forever would make them 'unhappy', with his fiqure rising to 84% among londoners."

"And for the wealthier end of the lettings market who are cash rich but time poor, The Urban Collective has launched a ‘Sherpa’ service"

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